Review your Medicare Coverage

Review your Medicare Coverage

Review your Medicare CoverageReview your Medicare CoverageReview your Medicare Coverage

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We, at, are a husband and wife team dedicated to educating our clients and simplifying the Medicare process, at no additional charge to you.  You can be assured that we have your best interest in mind.   We are honest and trustworthy and will treat you with the utmost respect.

We look forward to having the opportunity to review all Medicare supplemental options with you.  We are brokers, so we represent many different Medicare Insurance companies. We will review and compare competitive plans available in your zip code, as well as competitive rates.  We will ensure that your current doctors are in network if applicable,  as well as review all your medications and make sure your drugs are on formulary and at competitive prices. This is a service we do for all our clients year after year as the plans change.

The little things matter to us! When you become a client of either Jim or Sonja, you become a contact in their personal cell phone! This may sound small, but again, the little things matter. This means phone calls or birthday cards on your birthday, an answered call or quickly returned voicemail when you need us. We also do follow up calls to ensure you've received your new enrollment cards and annual reviews of your current plan ... all because you matter to us!


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